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His first UFC appearance was on The Ultimate Fighter. He had his ticket to the semifinals to the semifinals, but an injury forced him to withdraw. Knowing his great level, Dana White trusted him and today Matt Hamill is one of the
Hamill is one of the fighters with the highest aspirations in the light heavyweight division.

For the first time in his career, he will star in a UFC a UFC event. He will do so next Saturday when he faces Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and looks for his sixth consecutive win, which would put him very close to a sixth
victory in a row that would leave him very close to fighting for the belt currently held by Jon Jones. Hamill is the only fighter to defeat the champion, but that’s another story.joyourself gay cam models

From hands and excellent fighting skills, this hearing-impaired fighter has found in mixed martial arts the way of life and acceptance that all of us need. the way of life and acceptance that everyone desires. Now he will want to show the world what he is made of and, for that, he will have to succeed against Jackson.

“I’ve never in my life have I ever trained as hard as I have for this fight and I’m sure I’m going to win it. Rampage is going to have a very bad time inside the octagon with me on the other side. It’s my time to fight and I will come out on top in this war,” says the Ohio native, says the Ohio native.streamate local camboys

With his problem, his trainers have looked for many ways to try to give him pointers during the fight. during the fight. The most ingenious was with colored signs, but they ended up being a problem. ended up being a problem. The experience he remembers he remembers most was his fight with Reese Andy, back in Andy, back in December 2008.

“People think that fighting with my impairment is something complicated for me, what they don’t understand is that I never knew what it feels like to do it differently and I’m used to it. to do it differently and I’m used to it. When I’m inside the octagon I’m only with myself, there’s no yelling from there is no yelling from the cornermen, no screaming from the audience, no screaming from anyone,” he explains.youngperps uk cam boys

“Everyone everyone makes the adjustments that their trainers tell them to make, I do what I think I should do. I do what I think. I receive the indications
I receive them between rounds and nothing else, that’s why I pay a lot of attention. In my fight against Andy, they were desperate to tell me something and I couldn’t understand them and it frustrated me. I calmed down and waited for the first round to end. the first round. Then in the second, I went out with the plan they came up with and won easily,” he gay cams mormonboyz

Being the character of a movie (“Hamill”) to be released soon, Matt is coming off a win over Tito Ortiz in what may have been the best victory of his career. But his dream is much bigger than a win. “I want to have a rematch against Jon Jones because everyone, including me, won on a technicality and the disqualification came because the referee was slow to stop the fight. stop the fight. My goal is the belt and no one will stop me until I get it,” he concludes.facial abuse shereacts youngperps top 10 porn sites

Hamill, 34 years old, will have the biggest opportunity of his life and he will try to take advantage of it with punches. His best strategy has always been to be very tidy and patient. If he can do that on Saturday, his movie could have an even better ending, and, perhaps, after the credits, his picture will show his picture with the UFC belt.

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